Steve Marak
Fri, 02 May 2003 20:51:08 PDT
This is another thread I've followed avidly, because I've been eyeing the
tropaeolums speculatively for several years.

What are the hardiest species, and how cold are people growing
tropaeolums? Which are most tolerant of moisture during winter?

I live in nominally USDA zone 6 (NW Arkansas), with bouts of zone 5 (-20
F/-26 C overnight). As usual, there are unexpected survivors, some with
the help of friendly microclimates (Gloriosa superba, for instance), some
just much tougher than the books say (the zantedeschias, alstroemerias).

But the ground never freezes deeply or for long, and so things with nearly
any degree of hardiness which like to be planted deeply stand a good
chance if they'll tolerate winter moisture.

Any advice/recommendations would be appreciated.



-- Steve Marak

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