Hymenocallis hardiness

Kevin D. Preuss hyline@tampabay.rr.com
Fri, 09 May 2003 06:10:05 PDT
Mary Sue,
As Jim Shields can tell you, Hymenocallis caroliniana (oocidentalis) is
hardy and occurs as far north as Kentucky in the wild, now liriosome, from
LA and TX is not as hardy.  I'd imagine both are hardy in MO.  There are
several species that occur along the gulf states of FL, AL, GA,LA, TX and
even along the southern Atlantic states, FL, GA, SC, NC have spider lilies
as well in their swamps and creeks.  As long as he grows species from the SE
US they ought to be ok in MO.  The Mexican, Caribbean and other tropical
species from SA would probably not do so well there as I saw several winter
nights in Gainesville, FL where there leaves looked like wet spaghetti and
then mush.
Hope this helps,
Kevin Preuss

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> Dear All,
> Now that we have archives that are searchable on the web we have people
> joining our list (mostly as lurkers) who have been intrigued by some of
> posts they have read. Sometimes people read something and hit reply and
> message comes to me and Arnold since it is written by someone who is not a
> member of the list. We invite those people to join us, but they don't
> always choose to do so.
> This week we got a message from someone living in southeast
> Missouri  (Poplar Bluff) who was responding to a message wondering about
> the hardiness of Hymenocallis.  He grows two kinds that he says are hardy
> no matter what the winters are like.  One is H. caroliniana and the other
> H. liriosome which he got from an arboretum in Louisiana. He wrote that
> that bulb was cut in half when dug and it took 3 years to reestablish and
> is finally going to bloom.
> I am passing on this information since he took the trouble to provide it.
> Mary Sue
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