Another Mystery Bulb

Jana Ulmer
Mon, 19 May 2003 21:52:25 PDT
Dear Jim and all,

Thanks for the ID on Iris tectorum.  I wish it was as common here as in 
Asia!  The plant I photographed was in a landscaped nursery setting. 
This particular nursery specializes in Rhododendrons and Clematis, 
which are all very clearly labeled, but we have found in the past that 
sometimes other plant families are not correctly identified.  (This, 
and the fact that they shooed us out ten minutes after closing time 
kept me from asking them what it was.) Sadly, the only potted iris I 
saw in the "for sale" area was something that was clearly mislabeled, 
and not the foliage of I. tectorum.


Jana Ulmer
Sebastopol, CA

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