Martin and Yvonne Philippo
Tue, 13 May 2003 13:37:13 PDT
Dear Arnold,
It is very difficult to tell from a distance why bulbs don't perform as well
as they should have. Indeed M. macrocarpum can suffer from cold winters, I
had frost damage myself once when winter came early and the bulbs hadn't
established yet. As yours have been in the ground for three years that might
not have been the problem.
M. macrocarpum likes full sun in springtime. Maybe your bulbs have been
using up the energy stored in the bulbs and they weren't able to make new.
Make sure they are in a sunny spot and give them a feeding in the early
spring. This probably will give them the energy to flower again.
Martin Philippo, Noordwijkerhout, the Netherlands

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Thanks for the wonderful Muscari info.  I grow three
which I really like  Muscarimi, macrocarpum and
pallens.  The macrocarpum has been dwindling recently
in my New Jersey garden. I have it planted in garden
soil augmented with grit.  It did well for three years
but this year has not put on its usual show.  This
year we had a particularly cold winter.  Any

New Jersey

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