Lilium martagon pictures

Kenneth Hixson
Wed, 21 May 2003 20:51:50 PDT
Hi, All:
	Ernie O'Byrne mentioned wanting pictures to compare his
Lilium martagon with in hopes of giving it a name.  Interestingly enough,
a CD with 182 photos of 104 different martagon species and hybrids-
including some of stems and leaves, was made available in March 2003.
Since this is a non commercial list, I won't give details here, but
it is available, and if you wish to email me, I'll gladly tell you
where to go--err, I mean give you that information.
	Another CD is being prepared, by a different person, this one 
to cover as many of the lily species as possible, hopefully it will be
available before the end of the year.  Again, if interested....

	There is an email list,
or  You need to be a member to 
access their photo library (the equivalent of the "Wiki"), but 
membership is free, just be prepared to select a username and a
password.  Yahoo takes from a few minutes to a few hours, then you will
be on probationary membership for a time-which means you can't "spam"
everyone on the list, but will receive all the other priveledges.
	Another site, by an avid lilyophile, is…  
and there are links to images on the web.
	The North American Lily Society (
 website is being reorganized, but much information is available.
(note that is a lawyers association)

	If you don't want to wait for any of these--it is spring, and
sitting at the computer means you are not out in the garden--go to
and type in the name you want-as, Lilium martagon.  My search this
morning brought up nine pages, with twenty images on the first page.
It should be noted that they weren't all L. martagon.  I haven't ever
tried enclosing the name in quote marks, but it might narrow down the
search a little (as, "Lilium martagon").  I'm still amazed at the images
that can be found this way.

Ken, western Oregon

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