Ookow-Dichlostemma TOW

Shawn Pollard pollards@sbcglobal.net
Fri, 30 May 2003 05:32:34 PDT
> Dear All-Ookow, Dichlostemma pulchella

I've never seen a white one, but surely
> this color exists
> somewhere.  

During El NiƱo of 1998, there were slopes in the
Tucson Mountains completely covered in this plant, in
a density I never would have dreamed of for the
desert.  White forms were very much in evidence, which
I had also never seen before.  While hiking in the
Table Top Mountains near Casa Grande that same season
I saw Calochortus kennedyi foliage that was so long,
luxuriant, and undulating that my initial reaction was
that I was looking at a colony of Manfreda (which, of
course, does not grow in Arizona).  :-)

Shawn Pollard
Midland, TX

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