Rhodophiala Image

Mark Wilcox Marque219@Yahoo.com
Sat, 17 May 2003 04:07:09 PDT
Dear all,

I've uploaded a picture to the wiki, also accessible from the bottom of the
Rhodophiala page:


A picture of 1 year old R. granatiflora plants, grown from seed furnished by
Alberto Castillo.  They were grown under lights inside.  The plants have formed
bulbs from 0.5 inches/1.25 cm to 2 inches/5 cm.  They're quite different in
shape from R. bifida, but may be distorted due to the bulbs trying to dig their
way through the bottom of the pot.  Some roots show a definite corkscrew shape,
although not easily visible in this shot.  Only the top halves of the bulbs
show a tunic.  Some have gone dormant while others are in active growth.  20
plants grew from the seed, which would seem to indicate a germination rate of

Mark Wilcox
Washington, DC

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