Iris miscellany

James Waddick
Wed, 21 May 2003 18:28:27 PDT
Dear Mark and all;
	Iris is a fairly complex genus at over 250 species, but the 
sub genera are fairly neat to understand. Then there's always debate 
at other levels.

>I was told quite succinctly by at least two people, that Iris rossii is not
>in cultivation in the US and that it's very difficult to grow.

	It is a beautiful species and I know of at least one nursery 
(near you) offering the real thing although now out of stock. It 
apparently needs more drainage than you'd expect and some 'abuse'. 
Another plant of it that I got last year proved to be incorrectly Id 
'ed- a problem with some rare species.

	I assume the Iris henryi pic came from Schafer/Sachs or 
Probst garden. I just acquired an all white form of this last year. 
It is very tiny.

	Iris minutoaurea is also in the series Chinenses and is 
remarkably durable growing in full sun and fully exposed to my harsh 
climate (Zone 5). Surprisngly vigorous, but I have lost it due to 
being over grown by something bigger. Quite a cute thing with bright 
yellow and brown flowers.

	There is a large range of iris out there once you get beyond 
tall bearded , siberians  etc. Some are real gardening challenges.

		Best		Jim W.
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