Hippeastrum ID needed

Angelo Porcelli angelopalm69@inwind.it
Fri, 23 May 2003 07:11:46 PDT
Hi All,

I couldn't get Angelo's pictures from the links so maybe some of the rest 
of you couldn't either. I have renamed them, taking out the # from the file 
name. See if this works better.

Mary Sue

Dear group,

I need an help to ID these hybrids/species I found here and there in some 
gardens in south of Italy.

Hipp#2 is a strong plant, found originally in a clump of over 30 bulbs. 
Leaves have a typical bluish cast and flowers have a 'triangular' face, 
about 12cm across (5'')

Hipp#3 has tall stalks and I have the suspect it could be H.vittatum, but 
not sure.
I would like to see pics of this species, raised from documented wild 
collected material, for comparison.

Hipp#4 I have no clues. It has a well visible dark red 'eye' and often 
flowers again in September

Many thanks
Angelo Porcelli
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