Oxalis caprina or Oxalis incarnata?

Claude Sweet claudesweet@cox.net
Fri, 30 May 2003 16:01:55 PDT
There is a new oxalis forum. A question was asked about oxalis caprina.

I informed the person of the posting on our PBS site and provided a link.

The photos look very much like  a specimen I received several years ago 
from the UK without a name.

His response is a follows:

Claude, the plant in your photo looks a lot like Oxalis incarnata, a
South African species which is frequently found in old gardens
here in England, it spreads quickly by means of bulbils produced
in the leaf axils.


When I checked my plant, I found small bulbils in the axils of the stem 
where the flowers originate.

The plant also produces many small bulbs too. It is evergreen in my mild 
climate. It does best in the cooler winter months, but if I move it into 
the shade for the summer it continue to grow and flower making a  very 
nice hanging basket.

Comments or suggestions anyone?

Claude Sweet
San Diego, CA

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