Crinum popping out

Tony Avent
Wed, 21 May 2003 09:17:30 PDT

	Glad to hear that your crinums fared well this winter.  As for pot sizes,
we grow all of our crinums in the nursery in 1 gallon pots (6" diameter).
They grow, multiply, and flower.  They may not get quite as big as they
would in larger pots, but growing and flowering has never been a problem.

At 08:49 AM 5/21/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi all,
>I was not shocked a couple weeks ago to see scapes appearing in the tubs of 
>my large crinums over-wintered under the benches in the greenhouse, but I'm 
>very surprised to see a fresh spent scape on one of the Crinum bulbispermum 
>plants growing outdoors in the ground on the east side of the greenhouse.
>I can't figure how I missed seeing that when it was in bloom.  It must have 
>been in the past two weeks; guess I've been busier than I though.....
>Among the crinums in containers, I have blooms on C. x-powellii roseum and 
>C. x-powellii album.  There are scapes growing on CC. bulbispermum and 
>macowanii so far.
>In deference to Dave Lehmiller's ("Dr. Crinum" in IBS) insistence that 
>crinums grown in containers need pots at least 20 inches across, I am 
>gradually moving my plants to 7.5 gallon (15-inch diameter at top, ca 25 
>liters) plastic tubs.  Since these have handles, I can move them (just 
>barely!) onto the front loader of my Kubota.  Most of them are in 5-gal. 
>plastic nursery containers, and when they burst these they go into the 7.5 
>gal. tubs.  Bigger than that I cannot go without buying a forklift!
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