Nerines (and Haemanthus) - seed sowing

Douglas Westfall
Fri, 09 May 2003 08:59:01 PDT
Paul TyermanDoug Westfall Claiborne Dr. Long
Beach, CA

  Paul Tyerman,

Haemanthus are very easy.

I recommend "washing" them for about 20 min. in a mild solution of chlorox
after they have been "peeled."

Prepare a tray or pot of mix (I add 25% of seed mix - it is fine, but not
necessary). It should be damp. Spread the seeds and just press them into the
soil mix. do not bury them. Keep the soil mix just damp.

Once the seeds have germinated asend the new growth, water them only from
below using a tray for the water. I find it very beneficial to use a 1/4
dilution of liquid fertilizer.

Keep the new "bulbs" growing as long as you can. That way, you get a little
faster growth. I have Haemanthus namaquensis seedlings that are growing
almost 12 months a year - my H. coccineus are growing 10 to 11 months.  The
growth is very rapid that way.

If you have any question, feel free to ask.

I hope that you are getting help for your physical condition - Best wishes.

Doug Westfall

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