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Hello All,

I've had luck with diazanon liquid in controlling those little stinkers (for
lack of better words!!!). This summer I had an infestation with most of my
amaryllids (Clivias included!!!). I diluted it with water at less than the
manufacturer's instruction and used a spray bottle labeled so that nothing
else would ever go in that bottle other than the diazinon.
I made sure to only spray the affected part...i.e.. the part closest to the
soil level and the part where the leaves emerge from the bulb. To date I
have not had another outbreak, but I always have a bottle of diazinon spray
available. I know it's probably not the most environmentally safe thing to
use but I do use it with great care as not to allow it to leach into the
surrounding ground or let the kids (our dog and cat) get into. I hope it

Warm Regards (From windy and chilly Boston)
Fred Biasella
USDA Zone 6B

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Hi all,

Gosh I hope I spelled that right!

For anyone considering getting this product to help banish mealy bugs - I
just picked up a bottle of Bayer's Advanced Garden Rose & Flower Insect
Killer.  One of it's two active ingredients is imidacloprid.  At any rate, I
got it at Walmart - less than $6 for a 32 oz. bottle.  Seemed like a good
price to me, so I thought I'd pass it along.

Also - was it Kelly and Uli who warned against overuse?  What other products
do you rotate in so that the mealies won't develop a resistance?

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