Deeper planting bulbs

Jane McGary
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 09:25:57 PST
Nan Sterman wrote,

>I did some research on lilies (Asiatic and Oriental) for an article I 
>wrote last year and the expert I consulted also recommended deep planting, 
>in part because the deeper the cooler, and in part because the deeper, the 
>better the root system and the sturdier the stem which, especially with 
>lilies, tends to be a weak point.  I am sure you've seen lilies splayed 
>out on the ground with their over heavy blooms just weighing down the poor 
>stems.  Supposedly planting bulbs deeper is a way to counter this phenomenon.

In addition, an even more important reason to plant lily bulbs deeply is 
that many of the species and their hybrids produce roots on the stems above 
the bulb, and these roots both anchor and nourish the plants.

Jane McGary
Northwestern Oregon, USA

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