Topic of the Week

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 26 Nov 2003 08:24:54 PST
Dear All,

This is a week in the United States when a lot of people travel to visit 
their families so I expect it will be a quiet week unless some of our 
International Members post. I've lost contact with the man who was going to 
do an introduction for this week so we will just skip the week.

Here is what is planned for December
Dec. 1--The first of Diane Whitehead's monthly topics on what to do in 
December (I'm not sure what she is going to call it
Dec. 8--Scilla with Jerry Flintoff introducing
Dec. 15--Urls revisited
Dec. 22--Bulbs for the holidays (I assume this will be another quiet week 
so we can talk about what is blooming or bulbs that people around the world 
associate with different holidays)
Dec. 29--Cyrtanthus with Bill Dijk introducing (and hopefully some input 
from Paul Chapman too if he has time)

I finally created a wiki page for the Topic of the Week linking to the 
archives for each topic.…
I hope eventually to link each introduction we had for a genus to that 
genus page. But that depends on when I find the time.

For those of you in the United States, Happy Thanksgiving! I am really 
happy for this group and all I learn from everybody.

Mary Sue

PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)

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