ajbroome@xtra.co.nz ajbroome@xtra.co.nz
Tue, 25 Nov 2003 13:43:04 PST
Robin said...

> As discussed in previous Emails O karooica does not
> appear in IPNI or the mainstream Oxalis literature
> (including Salters book). The plant illustrated
> may be a colour form of O gracilis.

The plants currently grown in NZ (I can't speak for the
rest of the world) as O. karooica, O. karrooica, O.
karrioca and so on and (interestingly) O. pardalis all 
seem to match the description and photos I've seen for 
O. gracilis.

I've recently acquired a new form labelled as O. karrooica
and am waiting to see if it differs in any way, I suspect
not.  Time will tell.  The next update of my webpage will
combine the listing for O. karooica and O. pardalis
under O. gracilis.


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