Oxalis perdicaria

320083817243-0001@t-online.de 320083817243-0001@t-online.de
Wed, 19 Nov 2003 23:52:54 PST
Dear Mary Sue,

Glad to hear that Oxalis perdicaria is still around. I was given a plant in 
England many years ago, it flowered in autumn with delicate pale yellow scented 
flowers but I lost it. I was never that easy to grow and did multiply at a 
painfully slow rate and if I remember rightly I mangaged to share a few 
offfsets with the IBS Bulb exchange. This plant was from an Alberto Castillo 
collection from Argentina from the Entre Rios Area so is definetely South 
Is there anybody who could spare a small bulb? This is a very nice plant.

greetings, Uli

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