Growth cycles for Pacific BX 49

Dell Sherk
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 03:54:50 PST
Alberto has kindly supplied us with information on the cycles for BX 49:


From Shirley Meneice:

1. Seed of Amaryllis belladonna, pink and white (W)

From Charles Hardman:

2. Moraea marlottii (formerly Homeria) (W)
3. Muscari armeniacum (W)
4. Albuca sp., small yellow, good form (?)
5. Bulbinella cauda-felis (W)
6. Gladiolus quadrangulus, (not quadrangularis) extremely primitive,
extremely rare, looks like an ixia (W)
7. Gladiolus orchidiflorus (W)
8. Gladiolus alatus var alatus (W)
9. Lilium pumilum, orange turk's cap flowers, may need cold or even freezing
to germinate. Comes from Mongolia and Russian steppes. (S)
10. Moraea macrocarpa (W)
11. Gladiolus quadrangularis, red (W)
12. Gladiolus carinatus ssp carinatus, blue (W)
13. Gladiolus tenellus, yellow (W)
14. Hesperantha baurii (S)
15. Hesperantha cucullata (W)
16. Moraea sp., violet and lavender with white spots, tiny plant (W)
17. Veltheimia bracteata (W)
18. Narcissus serotinus (W)
19. Ornithogalum sp., mid-sized yellow and kelly green, great beauty (W)
20. Romulea tetragona (W)
21. Sparaxis hybrids from my finest collection, all colors but true blue (W)
22. Hesperantha pauciflora (W)
23. Zigadenus sp., possibly? (bulbs are from Peru) (S)

Thank you, Alberto !!

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