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Jim Lykos
Fri, 21 Nov 2003 03:50:46 PST
  Hi Angelo,

Yes  I think you have hit on the right explanation.  I've also  had 
 exactly the same results last summer- very little seed set on C. 
pedunculatum, C. flaccidum,  and none on  C. luteolum or C. moorei. 
Almost all  the Crinum seed that was set late in the flowering season 
also failed to germinate during Autumn,  winter and Spring.  
We have experienced  the  worst drought for  150 years on the east coast 
of  Australia,  and  while  no  species Crinums  were very troubled by 
the dry conditions  they were certainly reluctant to set seed and  
where  seed that was obtained it proved reluctant to  germinate - 
despite  irrigating  the Crinum garden weekly.
However,  the good news that I can now report is that most of the 
recalictrant Crinum seeds survived  are now germinating, 7 or 8 months 
after seed set.
Last  January I  crossed a couple of   C. abyssinicum  and later in 
April harvested  4 seeds which was quite a lengthy seed development 
period. Within a month of harvest three of the smaller seeds changed 
colour and rotted away.  The largest of these seeds did nothing  for 7 
months sitting on the surface of  the moist sandy  potting mix.
However, it too has developed a 3 cm radicle in the past week - perhaps 
its no coincidence that  finally substantial rain is falling in the 
Sydney region and the atmosphere has been humid for the past two weeks!


Jim Lykos
Blue Mountains Australia  Zone 9b/10 

Angelo Porcelli wrote:

>While we are still on this topic, can anyone explain why some years I get lots of seeds on Crinum asiaticum (so many to bent the stalks to the ground)  and moorei doing absolutely, while in the last two years I have got neither a single seeds, even if hand pollinated all the flowers several times? I suspect that it's a question of moisture, as I remember years ago I had seeds from each flower, because the summer was unusually rainy.
>Angelo Porcelli
>Italy zone 9b
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