Gladioli, oxalis & Moraea

Mark Smyth
Tue, 18 Nov 2003 11:28:38 PST
hi all

Some queries re bulbs I have recently bought. Have you had sucess with the
following? What conditions do they like and hardy to what zone.

Moraea atropunctata
Gladiolus flanaganii
Oxalis versicolor

My Oxalis versicolor has a forest of 'stems' and one flowering stem full of
flowers. Has the pot got too many  tubers/bulbs in it? When do I divide it?

I also bough a potful of Lachenalia versicolor but can find no reference to
it. Have you heard of it? The leaves are red with dark blotches.

thanks for your time

N Ireland
zone 8 and too warm.
Ranunculus ficaria cultivars are in leaf and have buds showing.

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