Oxalis perdicaria

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Thu, 20 Nov 2003 08:22:21 PST
Dear Uli and All:

I had thought that O. perdicaria was very slow to increase, but when I
tipped out the pots this summer there were a LOT of bulbs.  I repotted into
several pots, but each pot only has a few flowers.  It seems that many of
the bulbs remain dormant, and one could assume that they weren't there
unless you looked.  I think a lot of Oxalis do this, but in most of the pots
I have there are still so many bulbs that bloom and grow each year, it's
easy to overlook the fact that a hefty percentage are sitting the year out.


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> Dear Mary Sue,
> Glad to hear that Oxalis perdicaria is still around. I was given a plant
> England many years ago, it flowered in autumn with delicate pale yellow
> flowers but I lost it. I was never that easy to grow and did multiply at a
> painfully slow rate and if I remember rightly I mangaged to share a few
> offfsets with the IBS Bulb exchange. This plant was from an Alberto
> collection from Argentina from the Entre Rios Area so is definetely South
> Americam.
> Is there anybody who could spare a small bulb? This is a very nice plant.
> greetings, Uli
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