germinating Crinum

Jim Lykos
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 06:04:15 PST
Hi Angelo,

While I agree with  the cultural logic of Cameron and  Dash's  
suggestions I also think there could be an alternative reason why the 
Crinum seed hasnt germinated.   I have found that  some Crinum seed - 
particularly that collected late in the flowering season doesn't 
germinate regardless of what  cultural inducements you attempt.  I have 
found this particularly with a related species like C. pedunculatum. If 
it doesnt germinate before  the close of  early Autumn, it will usually 
remain dormant until  the following early summer, when in most cases the 
radicle will start to grow from the seed.
This could for instance be an  adaptation  to  monsoon dry and wet 
periods in its natural habitat, or  a  strategy of germination delay 
which  allows for a greater period of time for seed dispersal 
particularly by water and sea.
I suspect that  phytoperiodism and temperature  activate the growth of 
 the radicle,  and if I am correct then its the length of daily sunlight 
and temperature that would need to be controlled to induce an earlier 
germination. The seed should remain  turgid and  healthy if it is half 
buried in seedling raising mix, and this is kept out of the sun and 
protected from frosts in winter.


Jim Lykos  

Cameron McMaster wrote:

>You could also try lifting the seeds and soaking them in water for 24 hours, then putting them back in the seed box. See if you can find the spot where the roots will emerge - sometimes it is growing under the skin already - and place that root side downwards.
>Napier, Western Cape
>Mediterranean climate with some summer rain
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