Joyce Miller onager@midtown.net
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 21:35:24 PST
Dear Sam,

         A fine book on Lewisia is a book by that name by the late Roy 
Davidson.  The book is available on line and, I am sure, through the North 
American Rock Gardening Society.
         Seed sources are of two kinds: seed exchanges and wild seed 
collectors.  The advantage of seed exchanges is that usually a large number 
of species are available if you are a member and they are free.   Seed 
exchange seeds are great when beginning with a new genus.  You can develop 
the growing methodology without making a large outlay.  The down side is 
the seed may be mis-labled, may be cross breds, may not be viable.

         Alternatively, correctly identified but a smaller number of 
species can be gotten from wild seed collectors like:

Northwest Native Seed (Ron Ratko)
There is a small ($3?)fee for the first catalog. In his 2003 Catalog, Ron 
offered 19 different genera/species  He accepts credit cards

Southwestern Native Seed.
Box 50503 Tucson,AZ 85703
Nominal charge ($2)for first catalog  SNS offered fewer than 1/2 dozen 
genera/species.  No credit cards, no phone, no fax.  Just mail.

For the serious hobbyist, their catalogs are worthwhile because of the 
number of other genera offered.

         Out PBS members will inundate you with their favorites.  My 
favorite general bulb books are John Bryan's 2 volume 'Bulbs' sadly out of 
print; his revised 'Bulbs' and 'The Manual of Bulbs' from the Royal 
Horticultural Society.  For going "deep" it is well to buy the one genus 

Best of luck.

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