Ledebouria pics - NOT

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Fri, 21 Nov 2003 06:29:42 PST
	Thanks Liz for the link to the gorgeous picture site in 
Japan. I NEED the two Ledbourai socialis on the left side of the 
page. White edged and brightly patterned. Wow. Anyone grow these?

Dear all;
	After corresponding with David and Mary Sue, I cannot offer 
David's pics to PBS. First these are not all David's pics and they do 
not have full permission, second they could NEVER go on a web site 
without permission. David sent these to me from his personal file to 
look at only.

	I found them very interesting and second David's suggestion 
of a Google image search as a good substitute.

	Sorry and hope I didn't put David on the spot then or now.

		Best	Jim W.
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