Oxalis hirta/crassipes/articulata

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Fri, 14 Nov 2003 14:48:45 PST
Dear All,

What a good topic of the week this is!

I think that O hirta is a plant so different from the one I consider O. 
articulata/crassipes that confusion is unlikely. O. hirta is a winter grower 
with a long summer dormancy with typical relatively large bulbs/corms. Its 
leaves are tiny but numerous, atttached dirctly to the branching stem and it 
grows tall but lanky and is nice in a hanging pot. The flowers are single and 
much larger than O. crassipes.

O. crassipes/articulata is definetely evergreen, does not have bulbs or corms 
but finger like rhizomes that produce offsets at their base. It is trifoliate 
with long stalked leaves in large numbers and the flowers are on pedicels 
numerous per pedicel high above the foliage, the single flower being relatively 
small. With me it definetely flowers all year even in winter in the greenhouse 
it there is enough light and heat.

Even if we may not be able to solve the name mystery....... it is a nice plant!

greetings, Uli

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