Robin Attrill
Fri, 14 Nov 2003 00:19:34 PST

This is a sensible suggestion. I will update the Oxalis page, although some
information has already been added.

Mary Sue,

I have an electronic copy of the late Michael Vassars collection which
provides useful information on the origins of the various MVxxxx accession
numbers.  If I edit this to remove non-essenetial detail could it be added
to the Oxalis page, eg as a PDF file? - it would be too large to directly
paste the text onto the front page.


> When items like this come to our attention, it would be good to add them
> the introductory paragraphs in the "Photographs and Information" section
> the PBS wiki, under the appropriate genus. Doing this is not as
> as adding a photograph. You just call up the genus page, click "Edit" at
> the bottom of the page, type in your information at the proper spot, then
> click "Save" at the bottom of the page.


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