Oxalis articulata/crassipes

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Wed, 12 Nov 2003 14:32:39 PST
Dear Andrew, Dear Lauw,

When I read Andrew's notes about O. articulata I immediately thought he is 
writing about a different species than me and the explanation came with Lauw's 
note. I am not a botanist and do rely on the names given to my by the supplier 
but I think that O. crassipes is the plant I meant. It also makes sense as its 
rhizomes are 'thick feet' as the species name tells. 
For flowering time it DOES flower with me all summer interrupted only by lack 
of fertilizer or very bad treatment, I like to use it as ground cover on the 
surface of very large tubs and it flowers right through winter in the 
greenhouse if it is barely bright enough and warm enough. Is it perhaps 
stopped flowering by higher summer temperatures than I have here in our 
average German summer? I truly cannot imagine this plant being a weed as it has 
no bulbs or bulbili, the rhizomes may break off and root somewhere else but 
this will be a slowish process. But one never knows as plants do behave 
differently in different ecosystems.

Regards, Uli

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