Deeper planting bulbs

Mark Smyth
Mon, 17 Nov 2003 00:55:27 PST
hi all

This weekend I attended a talk by Ian Young from Aberdeen and the ex
President of Scottish Rock. He covered the topic of how deep to plant bulbs.
He said that bulbs are much happier deep and will spend years pulling
themselves down at the expense of flowers. He showed us bulbs of Frits and
Narcissus that were elongating to go deeper. One slide showed a Narcissus
bulb which over three years had pulled itself deeper. Two old dried up bulbs
were above the new bulb. Only recently I had dug up some Galanthus which had
two bulbs seperated by an elongated bulb. If anyone wants to see a photo
email me.

This also goes for all round bulb seeds like Crocus, Narcissus, Galanthus.
Not Frits which are blown by the wind. He plants the seeds half way down the
pot! We say slides to show the differences in depth.

I highly recommend that you book Ian Young, and his wife Maggy, for  a talk
or two. The two talks I was present at last weekend were the best I have
ever seen. I learnt so much.

I know this has nother to do with bulbils but it is relevent.

N Ireland

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