Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Sat, 08 Nov 2003 11:01:50 PST

When you talk about making a separate page for hybrids are we talking about 
all hybrids or just hybrids between two genera? We after all have a number 
of genera where there are a lot of hybrids. They are first put on a wiki 
page for that genus and then as that page gets too long are separated out 
as a page just for those hybrids leaving the species on the main page.
Current examples:
Allium hybrids
Alstroemeria hybrids
Hippeastrum hybrids
Lillium hybrids
Narcissus hybrids

As I think about it I believe we did Tulipa a little different. We started 
with a Tulipa page and then made a new page for Species Tulips linked to 
the main page.

If we made a hybrid page we could also add these pages to that page, but I 
think leaving them on their genus page too makes sense as well. A wiki page 
can be linked to a whole lot of other pages. Each person who makes a wiki 
page for himself links all of the pictures added to the wiki to their 
personal page (or I do it if that person forgets) for example. So they 
could easily be both places.

Our focus has seemed to be more on species than hybrids so I suspect we 
won't have huge numbers of these and since we have avoided arranging by 
families for genera  (since this is fluid and the public and even some 
enthusiasts may not know which family to look in) I'm not sure we should do 
this for hybrids. But we could do a table if we had a lot of them since 
Mark Wilcox has discovered how to do this.

I was thinking about the intergeneric hybrids. We could list them 
separately on the home page or we could do a hybrid page there as Arnold 
suggested and add all of those listed above in table format and make a new 
page for intergeneric hybrids and start it off with the two from Lee. As we 
got more of them we could decide then to divide them by families or some 
other system.

The Amaryllis page right now has only hybrids on it.

Then there is the question of cultivars. I'm inclined to leave cultivars 
linked to a species on the genus page. But for instance there are named 
Colchiums not linked to species so they eventually probably need to be on a 
Colchicum hybrid page.

Comments please.

Mary Sue

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