Homemade deer repellants

Blee811@aol.com Blee811@aol.com
Sun, 12 Oct 2003 19:47:25 PDT
Judy Glattstein referred to homemade concoctions for repelling deer. A 
gardener friend told me recently to add Wiltpruf to whatever you make up to make it 
last longer. 

My mix consists of very old eggs, garlic, pepper flakes, and some liquid Joy. 
It smells terrible. 

I have read somewhere that Wiltpruf will harm some plants--don't know which 
ones, so this might bear investigate before trying it. 

I've even had a few reports of deer eating daffodils, which is very unusual. 
In this part of the country we have the white-tailed deer--beautiful animals, 
but what they don't eat they kill by rubbing tree bark off.
Bill Lee
z6a Cincinnati

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