Kelly Irvin
Sun, 26 Oct 2003 19:52:37 PST
Dear Uli:

You've given me the "guts" to chime in...

My experience with Imidacloprid under the granular form called Marathon 
was very positive, but I must emphasize you should use as directed, and 
I strongly recommend using another form or two of protection in a cycle, 
even if those forms do not control your scale, whitefly, etc. as well. I 
knew a graduate student who, at the first sign of whitefly activity 
would treat again with Marathon, time after time. The product, of course 
lasted a long time each cycle, but she continued to use it in a 
greenhouse environment without any thought of some form of integrated 
pest management. Within a year, the whiteflies had developed resistence.

Johannes-Ulrich Urban wrote:

>saying that by eyperience such potent products will sooner or later develop 
>resistences in many insects and for this reason it is better to use other, less 
>potent products in between.
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