Fires in California

Pat Colville
Wed, 29 Oct 2003 09:41:03 PST
The fires are very near where I work in Fontana.  There have been
periodic closings of main roads like the 15 freeway, the main pass
through the mountains, which means those who live north of the mountains
may not be able to get to work or may not be able to get home.  Three of
the people I work with have been evacuated since Saturday and the fires
are still burning in the vicinity of their homes. 
The "Santa Ana" winds have died down today and that helps some but there
is way too much combustible material because of several years of drought
and bark beetle killed trees. The air is full of smoke.
There are no fires near Pasadena where I live but they did arrest
someone who was trying to start one. We now have copycat arsonists to
contend with.
Patty Colville

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I keep looking at the pictures of the fires and the maps and trying to 
figure out which members of our group might be in danger of losing their

homes. Does anyone have any news of Marguerite English? She lives east
San Diego in the mountains and that looks like one of the bad areas. I 
tried calling her and her daughter for news since Cathy said if she had
leave she'd probably go to her daughter's house. I didn't expect to get 
through, but thought there was nothing to lose. All I got was a busy

How are all of you coping in southern California?

Mary Sue 

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