Sam Franc franc@oregonfast.net
Thu, 30 Oct 2003 10:40:59 PST
Thank you to all that answered my plea.
We live in a forest where the trees around us are 200 feet tall so the 
sun doea not hit the ground till about 10 am and the western trees start 
to shade at about 4 pm.
I hope that is not too shady for them.
I will separate them before next spring.
I suppose i should wait till the foliage dies back.
I have had to relearn horticulture since we moved here from Contra Costa 
County. The same rules do not apply here as there. I can not grow a lot 
of thing I brought along as there is not enough heat here for them, even 
though the frost free days are about the same here. There also is a lot 
more rain here, too.

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