TOW landscaping with bulbs (Jim W)

Cathy Craig
Tue, 07 Oct 2003 11:26:28 PDT
Dear all,

Jim, you really have a way with words. "Zero scaping" describes major portions of So Cal and certainly my entire street. I have been plying my new next door neighbor with my extra plants and bulbs and he now has a new yard and he seems able to grow everything well.

This year WalMart and Home Depot have an extraordinary range of bulbs that heretofore I had to order by mail. They are less than 50cents each (tulips and narcissus) and one can't get them that cheaply anywhere because of the shipping costs. I second Jim's sentiments that we all contribute bulbs to our neighbors. What a great idea!

Jim W wrote:
 [Narcissus] is still the most reliable, easiest, cheapest and available landscape bulb for my area. Perfectly good acceptable cultivars are sold in garden centers, mass markets, ...yet I am constantly amazed that it is not in EVERY garden. ... People spend a million dollars on a house and get the standard green meat ball landscape or worse Zero-scaping. So this plea is for you good gardeners to give even your worst black- thumb gardening friends a bag of daffodils of any kind. Plant the bulbs for them if needed.

Cathy Craig EA
your Essential Advisor

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