mealies on dormant bulbs

Joyce Miller
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 09:41:57 PDT
Hi Jennifer,
         At this point I believe the flower has already formed in your 
bulbs.  A 10 minute soak in Isopropyl will kill the mealies without hurting 
the bulb and incipient bloom.  After soak, rinse in water to remove the 
Isopropyl.  I have used this methodology on infested Hippeastrum bulbs.

Other methods:
>rubbing alcohol = Isopropyl (70% wood alcohol)

>Murphy's Oil combo (Oil/Isopropyl/water is good for spraying

>rot-gut scotch/gin/vodka are 80% alcohol = Isopropyl is more economical

>  1:1 dishsoap/water mix = clean mealies.  Isopropyl is necessary to 
> remove the waxy coating on the mealy bug.

Kind regards,  Joyce Miller

Joyce E. Miller
Zone USDA 9A Summer highs 100+degrees F for several to many days.  Winter 
lows 27 degrees F 

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