Brunsvigia grandiflora seeds

Jana Ulmer
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 15:45:42 PDT
Dear Mary Sue and All,

Of the 25-odd Brunsvigia grandiflora that I received, 17 are now 
growing and have put up a leaf.  The remaining seed still looks capable 
of growing (i.e. is still plump and green).  I did not count how many 
were ungerminated on arrival, but most were in the aforementioned "bean 
sprout" stage. When the seed arrived, I potted them up individually in 
small pots; the pots are outside in a sunny location that is watered 
regularly and protected from birds, which peck out every living sprout 
(except weed sprouts, of course) visible at this time of year.  I would 
like to thank Rhoda and Cameron for their generosity and also all the 
other people involved in getting the seed out to us all.


Jana Ulmer
Sebastopol, CA
Zone 8-9

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