Landscaping with Bulbs: Pest control

Hamish Sloan
Sat, 11 Oct 2003 13:37:17 PDT
Hello All,

Judy  mentioned a pest that has had a mention before:

"I have almost 9 acres. It slopes, we're on a well, there are deer and
woodchucks and other critters - naturalistic is the only way that really
works for me."

Some of the gardens plagued with deer hereabouts (mainly the introduced 
Chinese water deer or Muntjac) keep them away from their gardens by hanging 
bars of soap among the plant beds. Tie to a cane so the bars are about 3 
feet off the ground. Spacing that I saw was often over 25 yards. Some of 
the bars I saw had clearly dried out a great deal and must have been 
hanging in place for several months.

Any of you tried this for your local forms of deer? I don't know if highly 
scented soap works better, i.e., is it the soapy smell or the added scents?
It would be interesting to see if it worked with other wildlife. I had no 
mention of effects on squirrels or wood pigeons.

Regards Hamish
Wettish (usually!!!) zone 9, South central UK.

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