Landscaping with Bulbs--TOW

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 06 Oct 2003 08:11:29 PDT
Dear All,

The topic of the week this week is Landscaping with Bulbs. Hopefully Judy 
Glattstein will post something since she has a book on this topic in process.

When we had our Regional Topics:
Bulbs for Pacific Northwest Gardens
Bulbs for Mediterranean Gardens
Bulbs for Continental climates, Upper Midwest
Bulbs for Texas
some of you wrote about bulbs that were good choices for growing in the 
ground in your areas.

But we never heard from Australia, the northeastern United States (except 
for Mark's discussion on Alliums), the southern states, non Mediterranean 
gardens in Europe, etc. So this is an opportunity for all the rest of you 
to share what bulbs you have found make good landscaping plants. For those 
who have already told in detail about your gardens you might want to remind 
us with your favorite five bulbs for landscaping.

I hope a lot of people will contribute to this topic, even some of you who 
are new. It's as easy as listing five favorites from your garden. That 
wouldn't take much time. Please include in your signature or your post 
something about where you live to make this information useful. Thanks.

Mary Sue
PBS List Administrator, Wiki Worker, TOW Coordinator (Whew!)

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