New Member/Ferraria crispa

Rand Nicholson
Sat, 04 Oct 2003 07:38:04 PDT
Mary Sue and PBSers:

Thanks for the welcome.

I will be extremely interested in this particular Topic of the Week, 
but right now, I could use some advice on planting my Ferraria crispa 
bulbs which are sprouting as I write. And on keeping them going over 
the winter until I can try to switch them. They will be potted and 
kept indoors over the winter.

Anyone have any suggestion to share?


>Dear Rand,
>Welcome to the PBS List. There was a man on the IBS list for awhile 
>many years ago from Seattle named George Krassle. He dropped out and 
>I didn't have any luck contacting him later. He reported to that 
>group that he was growing Ferraria on a summer cycle as he was 
>unable to grow them successfully with his wet cold winters 
>otherwise. I tried to turn some of mine around and didn't have any 
>luck even though he said it was quite easy and they started into 
>growth when he watered them. Maybe if you started them from seed in 
>the spring and they always had been grown that way it would work. Or 
>maybe it depended on how they were stored.
>In October I plan to have a topic of the week on the subject you 
>have suggested. It was inspired by Lisa Flaum, but I wanted to wait 
>until Mark Wilcox has returned from South America since he too is 
>interested. I've haven't figured out a title yet, maybe Bulbs that 
>can be grown out of their normal cycle?
>Mary Sue
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