Aristea ecklonii v Libertia caerulea

Paul Tyerman
Mon, 20 Oct 2003 03:43:40 PDT

Thanks for taking the time to answer.  Greatly appreciated.

Which is this actually describing?  It mentions (included below) Libertia
spreng at the beginning and then Aristea Aiton at the end, although I think
it is meaning that Aristea comes from the sub Sahara etc, while the other
from Australia etc?  The descriptions etc make sense, just not sure WHICH
it is describing <Grin>

> From Kuitzki  "Libertia spreng.
>" Small to medium evergreen rhizomatous perennials; leaves several, 
>lanceolate to linear; flowering stems several branched, branches long or 
>very short and sometimes clustered; inflorescence spathes short, 
>pedicels exposed; flowers white or blue; tepals free, subequal or the 
>outer whorl much smaller; filaments united in a short tube, anthers 
>erect; style short, dividing above the filament tube into 3 slender 
>branches extending between the stamens; capsules sometimes indehiscent; 
>seeds brown and shed immediately or colored and exposed in the open 
>capsule;  x =19. About 10 ssp., Australia, New Guinea, New Zealand and 
>S. America."
>Aristea Aiton
>Found in Sub Saharan Africa including  Madagascar.


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