Brunsvigia grandiflora seeds
Fri, 10 Oct 2003 19:11:53 PDT
First, let me say that there were generous numbers of 
seed(lings) in the three packets I received, and I 
potted them up the night they arrived.

There were less than 10 that were in such a condition 
that I didn't even try to plant them. Most of the  
seed had sprouted quite a long root and many already 
had an accompanying leaf. I planted them with the seed 
sitting above the soil, with the root as far into the 
soil as was practical, which wasn't easy, since many 
of them were shaped like a corkscrew due to having 
sprouted in transit. I placed them in a sunny south 
facing windowsill for their first two days, because I 
didn't want to burn the leaves. Now, they are outside 
where they are getting direct sun until noon or so.

They are looking very healthy and grow sturdier by the 

The discussion on their growth cycle was not really 
conclusive, but since they are coming to us now, in 
what is springtime in their native country, I'm 
assuming that the parents of these seed are leafing 
out right about now, and are summer growers. Is this 
correct? I'm thinking about staging them indoors and 
under lights over the winter in order to give them the 
day length and warmth they need until they can go back 
outside next summer. By next winter they should be 
large enough to let go dormant.

I would like to again thank everyone involved in 
making this seed distribution possible. I'm enjoying 
them immensely!


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