Introduction and Re: [pbs] visit to the US

Kelly O'Neill
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 04:08:01 PDT
> All I need just now is a list of possibilities

Hi Mark and everyone,
   I have joined the list recently and wish to invite everyone to visit 
my place. I have about 10 acres at my farm near Eugene, Oregon. I 
think most anyone would enjoy the place. I think it best to warn 
anyone who is into neat and tidy: It is a mess and weedy and things 
are disorganized and poorly labelled. It may be hard to see it all in 
one visit. My main focuses are cut-flowers, rockgarden, and 
    I agree much of the best stuff is in the wild. BTW, the trees are 
not the only reason to the see the Redwoods forest. In mountainous 
areas, peak of blooms moves up in elevation as the Spring 
progresses. The later you visit, the higher you ought to look. The 
natural rock gardens at high elevations are great as late as August, 
or so (July might be better?). There is another wildflower show (Mt. 
Pisgah) near Eugene, Oregon in early to mid-May. Timing the trip to 
catch organized events such as the NARGS or other society annual 
Meetings can be very worthwhile for garden tours, wildland tours 
and speakers.    Have fun, KellyO
        Kelly O'Neill 
          Wet Rock Gardens Flower Farm
  U-Pick and more at the farm (open 9-6 Wed, Fri, Sun) and by 
          2877 N 19th Street
          Springfield, Oregon 97477
To contact us:
         (541) 746-4444
  Business Office for mail or by appointment only:
            1950 Yolanda AVE
          Springfield, Oregon 97477

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