New Member/Ferraria crispa

Rand Nicholson
Sat, 04 Oct 2003 08:41:37 PDT
Thanks Jim;

The Ferraria bulbs are about 3/4" at the largest. Do you have any 
suggestions about pot size and depth? I assume they need extra 

Rand (warming up a soil mix after last night's frost ...)

>Hi Rand and all,
>If you don't have a greenhouse, put the pot of Ferraria in the 
>brightest, sunniest window you have.
>Good luck on trying to switch them over.  My only thought on the 
>subject would be to store the bulbs next summer and autumn for as 
>long as possible out of the pot, bare, and in a brightly lit, warm 
>and quite dry location to delay the new shoots.
>Some bulbs are very sensitive to environmental conditions and come 
>in and out of dormancy in response to moisture, daylight length, 
>heat, cold, etc.   Others seem to have a built-in calender and clock 
>and grow on their own timetable regardless of conditions around them.
>Jim Shields
>in central Indiana, where my pots of Ferraria have not started to grow yet.

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