Companion plants to Bulbs--TOW

Angelo Porcelli
Tue, 14 Oct 2003 10:51:08 PDT
In addition to Cynthia list, I am using Delosperma lydenburgense (which is much hardier then any cooperi form) on Narcissus beds. This delosperma flowers continuosly from late spring to all winter and grows fast and doesn't need any watering, or at least I don't water it at all !! So the dormancy of narcissus is respected. On Amaryllis belladonna I use instead the portulacas, because these are annuals and during the winter the amaryllis leaves would suffocate any perennial. Even these aren't watered at all and I would recommend everyone in Mediterranean climate growing large beds of Amaryllis or Haemanthus coccineus, to use this trick to cover the bare soil left from these wide leaved plants.

Angelo Porcelli

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