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Digby Boswell
Sat, 04 Oct 2003 03:27:23 PDT
Hi Rand,

I have a couple of Ferraria species that  produced the best flowering that I
have ever had.  The advice I received was that Ferraria's flower best after
being disturbed and this would certainly seen to be true.   I depotted my
bulbs in dormancy and than left them out for about 3 months (I actually
forgot about them).  I then planted them in a tray that is only 4 inch deep
and they
responded by flowering so it would seem to me that they need to be repotted
yearly if you want them to flower.

Digby Boswell.
South Africa (And it is getting *%^& hot here)

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> Thanks Jim;
> The Ferraria bulbs are about 3/4" at the largest. Do you have any
> suggestions about pot size and depth? I assume they need extra
> drainage?
> Rand (warming up a soil mix after last night's frost ...)
> >Hi Rand and all,
> >
> >If you don't have a greenhouse, put the pot of Ferraria in the
> >brightest, sunniest window you have.
> >
> >Good luck on trying to switch them over.  My only thought on the
> >subject would be to store the bulbs next summer and autumn for as
> >long as possible out of the pot, bare, and in a brightly lit, warm
> >and quite dry location to delay the new shoots.
> >
> >Some bulbs are very sensitive to environmental conditions and come
> >in and out of dormancy in response to moisture, daylight length,
> >heat, cold, etc.   Others seem to have a built-in calender and clock
> >and grow on their own timetable regardless of conditions around them.
> >
> >Regards,
> >Jim Shields
> >in central Indiana, where my pots of Ferraria have not started to grow
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