J.E. Shields
Sat, 04 Oct 2003 09:28:41 PDT
They say that the best software to use for a given job is the program you 
already know how to use.  That applies to keeping a database of your bulb 
collection too.

Some people just use MS Word or a text editor and keep the records in one 
long text file.  It is possible to search such a file, and you can always 
insert extra notes at any point it.  It's a snap to print out.  It is also 
extremely inelegant for handling large amounts of data.

Filmaker Pro is a fine database, and I believe it can import and export 
Excel files.  It is capable of relational data handling, with a given file 
containing multiple tables related to each other through key fields.

The important thing is to keep records of your bulb collection.  I start 
with a written-on-paper entry, then eventually copy the notebook entries 
into my database on the computer.  I'm only about one year behind in 
entering the data into the computer.

Jim Shields

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