Database research Query 1

Boyce Tankersley
Thu, 23 Oct 2003 06:27:43 PDT
Dear all:

We continue to add fields to our database; and after following this discussion I suspect you can appreciate why. The amount of information that is of potential use or interest depends upon the individual user. In the case of CBG, we have to anticipate the needs of approximately 200 full time staff, 900 volunteers, a number of instructors from outside the institution as well as the Garden management, our members (45,000) and our visitors (750,000). I say anticipate because it takes time to research and enter data and we depend heavily on our volunteers to complete this work. The typical volunteer works 2-4 hours per week. After 1 1/2 years of work, one of our volunteers just completed updating all of the empty fields of data related to geographic origin in our plant names table.

I can post individual table structures and/or contents to anyone who would like a 'jump start'. Typically I like to export them as Excel files since that seems to be an application most PC users have available. Alternatively I could post them on the wiki, if that is of interest or appropriate.

Boyce Tankersley

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