Allium picture on the Wiki

Jane McGary
Tue, 21 Oct 2003 10:06:04 PDT
Thanks for the info on Allium scorzonerifolium v xericiense. I may put some 
in the garden eventually but at present have only one bulb.

I will heed your warning about v. scorzonerifolium. So far I've avoided 
weedy Alliums except for A. carinatum (or A. pulchellum, don't know which 
name is current), but it's just out in the garden and I appreciate the 
August flowers; also it's good for cutting. A. moly is not a weed here; it 
stays in its spot.

Hope you are not getting flooded out -- or are you now in a rain shadow 
area? We are having nice weather with record warm temperatures here.

Best regards,

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