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James Waddick
Tue, 07 Oct 2003 08:35:44 PDT
Dear all;
	I used to think that narcissus were the totally fool proof 
landscape bulb for my climate, but have found out slightly 
differently*. In any case it is still the most reliable, easiest, 
cheapest and available landscape bulb for my area. Perfectly good 
acceptable cultivars are sold in garden centers, mass markets, and 
drug stores every fall, yet I am constantly amazed that it is not in 
EVERY garden. I live in an area with a major building boom. Houses 
and developments pop up at an alarming rate. People spend a million 
dollars on a house and get the standard green meat ball landscape or 
worse Zero-scaping. Just a few dollars would bring years of joyful 
bloom in daffodils that multiply and satisfy.
	So this plea is for you good gardeners to give even your 
worst black- thumb gardening friends a bag of daffodils of any kind. 
Plant the bulbs for them if needed. They are available in quantity 
now. You practically cannot loose. Why wait for Chrsitmas? Surely no 
one has too many.

	Best 	Jim W.

* We are subject to late frost and one time, in decades of growing 
daffodils, a especially hard late freeze totally killed flower stalks 
and foliage of a couple early varieties, but even so they recovered 
enough to boom the next spring. This is a rare exception.
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