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Wed, 01 Oct 2003 06:06:17 PDT

I, too, received some of the Brunsvigia seeds and plan to keep them growing
through the Winter.  Other Amaryllids are commercially grown with an
extended season, so I think it would be worth a try.  Perhaps not all
seedlings would adapt, but those that do would be better plants for
gardeners in any case.  I have a few other Brunsvigia seedlings and plan to
try and keep them in growth under lights through the winter months.  If they
go dormant, they go dormant.  Frankly, with the purported maturity of
Brunsvigia at 15 years! I wish to shorten the cycle where one can.  Most
plants are opportunistic and will adpat where possible.  The trick is to
recognise this trait and take advantage of it, much as the Dutch growers do
with Hippeastrum.  Time will tell if the hemisphere change has a dominating
influence.  We all need to report back on this.

Ciao, Bello,

Jamie V.
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Dear group,

as I know many of you have got seeds of Brunsvigia grandiflora, germinating
now, an old question come up again in my mind. This species is summer
growing, if I don't wrong, so the question is how to look after these seeds?
They need to be sown immediately as they can't be stored till next spring,
but in the Northen hemisphere we are going to the winter season. This means
the seedlings have to grow in winter; a nonsense then?

waiting to hear your comments

Angelo Porcelli

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